Leaving Cert French Vocab- Le Sport

The sport is important as it can appear in a number of ways on the exam- cheating, drugs in sport, footballers being overpaid or even respecting referees! The vocabulary below is versatile enough to be used in a variety of situations.

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Leaving Cert French Sample Answer 2010: L’émigration

This answer has again been kindly submitted by a Leaving Cert student, Edel Ferry. Thank you so much Edel!

Q.1 (b) Dans la Section I, Q.2, la belle-mère dit à Khady : « Tu dois partir. Tu vas travailler … en France ». Certains disent que l’émigration est la solution pour les jeunes en Irlande aujourd’hui. Expliquez pourquoi vous êtes pour ou contre ce point de vue.

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