Idiomatic phrases for French Leaving Cert

Idiomatic phrases are fluent phrases that often can’t be literally translated to English. Using these in your Leaving Cert written and oral work will enhance your work as it increases fluency and language skills. Don’t overuse them however- but be sure to use one whenever suitable. Here are a few to learn and use:

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Le système de santé/ Health System Vocab Leaving Cert French

Do not learn the chunks of work below- pick out the key vocabulary and verbs and concentrate on them instead.

Les maladies- Illnesses

Les patients– Patients

Les hôpitaux: Hospitals

Les listes d’attente : Waiting lists

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Grammar: Leaving Cert French: Understanding the Plus-Que-Parfait

The “plus-que-parfait” is one of the easiest French tenses around. However, some books explain it in a frustratingly difficult fashion. These often unnecessarily difficult explanations combined with the fancy name means that the tense is often met with an unjustified sense of terror.

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