French Pronunciation- Useful Resources

Ah, French pronunciation. When I was a student preparing for French oral examinations I used to walk around the house muttering to myself in French in a deranged manner. I was never entirely sure if it was correct or not- I just hoped for the best! Anyway, I made French friends in college and have spent around two years in France working/ studying since that so all is well on the pronunciation front now. That said, I speak regularly to French friends to maintain it.

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Leaving Cert French Sample Answer- La Nourriture

‘Les jeunes d’aujourd’hui n’arrêtent jamais de manger ! Partout où ils vont – à la maison, à l’école, dans la rue, à la discothèque – il y a des paquets de chips vides et des cannettes qui traînent par terre. Pourquoi ne respectent-ils pas la bonne vieille formule : ‘Trois repas par jour’ ?

Une mère désespérée


Qu’en pensez-vous ?                                                    (75 mots environ)

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French Films Suitable for Students (All Available Free Online)

Saving you that trip to Amazon! Here are a few films that are available online for free. It can be great to show a film in TY and discuss it afterwards. This is great preparation for the Leaving Cert Oral exam where students can discuss a favourite French film! It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable/ reliable film on the internet so here are a few ideas.

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Idiomatic phrases for French Leaving Cert

Idiomatic phrases are fluent phrases that often can’t be literally translated to English. Using these in your Leaving Cert written and oral work will enhance your work as it increases fluency and language skills. Don’t overuse them however- but be sure to use one whenever suitable. Here are a few to learn and use:

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Junior Cert French Sample Letter- 2018 Paper

It is the month of May and you are looking forward to the summer holidays.  

  Write a letter in French to your penpal, Christine. 

 In your letter

‐  thank her for her letter and birthday present

‐  give her some news about one of your friends

– say something about a film you have recently seen –

say that you are going to spend a week in Italy with your family

– ask her about her plans for the summer.

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