Tips for Student Teachers on School Placement

I recently received an email from a student teacher asking for some advice before she embarked on teaching practise. It really got me thinking about my own experience with “school experience” and I thought that a blog post may be helpful to some other student teachers. I was lucky enough to get a 1.1 in my teaching practice and degree so I hope that this helps somebody.

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My (Disastrous) Au Pairing Experience in France

Au pairing is often the first port of call for enthuastic learners of a foreign language. I was no different when I studied French in college. In my first few months of studying the language at university level, it became clear that I would have to spend significant time in the country to improve my language skills. Quoi faire? 

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2009 Récit Sample Answer (Literary Question)

Selon la Section I, Q.2, Mélodie et sa mère ont été obligées de déménager et de s’installer dans un nouveau quartier. Et vous, est-ce que votre famille a déjà déménagé ? Avez-vous dû quitter votre quartier, vos amis et vos camarades de classe ? Quels en étaient vos sentiments ? Racontez ce qui s’est passé. (Votre récit peut être réel ou imaginaire.)

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