Working at the Automobile Association (AA) in Lyon

Working abroad in France undeniably has its perks. The shortest working week in Europe, an abundance of croissant potential on lunch breaks and restaurant vouchers make working here much more appealing. Combined with my need to improve my French, it’s hardly any wonder that I jumped at the opportunity to flee Ireland at the age of eighteen to work as an au pair (this ended disastrously- see here).  I also worked at Disneyland Paris twice, but I still remained relatively unenthusiastic about my work experiences even after two stints of working Chez Mickey.
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Irish bar jobs in France 2017

Working in an Irish bar abroad has its perks. Not only does the spontaneous use of “sláinte” make you feel completely bilingual, but working in Irish bars can be a fun away to work abroad for the summer. And presumably get free Tayto. That said- it’s worth mentioning that I know friends who have worked in Irish bars in France with the intention of improving their French and accidentally return having spoken only English for the summer. Whoops.

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How to get a work permit for France

I recently received an email from someone interested in improving their French by finding work in France. Sounds doable, doesn’t it? Unfortunately not- the person wasn’t from the EU, thus hampering her chances of working in France.

I must admit that this is something that I had naively failed to even consider- I really did take my EU status and my capacity to legally work in France for granted. I blush when I think of my incessant complaining about the paperwork to complete when I had reached France. Unfortunately for my blog reader, working in France looks unlikely- here’s why.

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Summer jobs in Paris 2016

As a recent graduate from studying French in university, I know the struggle of finding a job in France for summer. While you may have the best of intentions, and ideally dream of cosy evenings spent meandering under the Eiffel Tower, la verité is often more difficult. In a world where thousands of students share the same bright idea of coming to France for the summer to improve their language, it can certainly become difficult to find that ever elusive job.

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How to get a job at Disneyland Paris

Confession- I don’t even really like Disney. Blush.

However, I have been lucky enough to have worked at Disneyland Paris twice- during the Christmas/ New Year season and also during the summer season. As I know that there are many people who may like to work at Disneyland Paris themselves, I thought that I would write a post on how I managed to get a job there. I worked as a waitress and in a kitchen (chic)- here’s how to do it!

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