Volunteering Ideas in France 2018

Hi all!

Given that my posts about working in France are some of my most popular posts, I thought I’d do another post featuring volunteering opportunities in France.

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My (Disastrous) Au Pairing Experience in France

Au pairing is often the first port of call for enthuastic learners of a foreign language. I was no different when I studied French in college. In my first few months of studying the language at university level, it became clear that I would have to spend significant time in the country to improve my language skills. Quoi faire? 

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Summer jobs in France 2018

If you’re determined to learn French living in the country itself is definitely the best way to do so. Although I’ve completed an Erasmus year in France through my university course, which involved living and studying in a French university for a year, I know that many courses either don’t offer this or sometimes it may not personally suit you. Here are a few ideas for spending a summer in France. I’m always scouring the internet for more ideas, so expect this to be regularly updated!

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A typical day as an au pair in France

Disclaimer: That is most certainly not me in the photo above.

In case you didn’t know, I had a whirlwind ten day period as an au pair in France (which ended in me fleeing the country and vowing never to leave Ireland again. You can read about that here). However, if I didn’t manage to put you off the concept of au pairing enough here’s a typical day for you to make up your own mind.

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Working Christmas in Disneyland- My Experience

After a failed au pair experience in France I entered my second year in college without having spent any adequate length of time in France. This was worrying- while I was doing my utmost to immerse myself in the French language in everyday life I knew that I would have to spend more time in France to fully master la langue. As I was unsure whether I would complete an Erasmus year in France at the time, I was becoming increasingly apprehensive about working in France.

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Ski Resort Jobs in France 2016

I know what you’re thinking. Given that the vast majority of my readers are Irish, I accept that most of you won’t be qualified ski instructors- the Dublin mountain skiing capacity leaves a lot to be desired. N’ayez pas peur, ski resort encompasses all manner of job fields- beauty therapists, waiters, bar staff, cleaners and receptionists to name but a few.

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Irish GAA teams in France

Je sais, je sais. You didn’t move to France to take up a sport you retired from at the age of twelve. You didn’t even plan to have any free time between becoming a master macaron chef and getting wooed by French romantics. Indeed, I found myself reflecting on these very thoughts as I sat in a Irish bar watching a Gaa match in the hope that I would pick up some skills for my own impending GAA match in Paris the week after.

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