How to effectively study French over summer holidays

It’s the last thing you want to hear about. Unless I offer you a free holiday to the French Riveria of course (not this time).  However, maintaining French language skills over summer can prove to be hugely advantageous when preparing for Junior Cert/ Leaving Cert. And the good news is that it’s quite easy in the era of broadband! Continue reading “How to effectively study French over summer holidays”

Leaving Cert French- Les Nouvelles Technologies

Please don’t learn off the sentences word for word! Pick out the verbs and vocabulary from each sentence and learn these off. I placed these in sentences to give you ideas on how to use them. This is generally on technology and doesn’t deal with social networks-I would deal with that as a separate topic.

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2007 Leaving Cert French Sample Answer- Mon Quartier

Dans la Section I, Q.1, le maire parle de « redonner la fierté aux habitants ». On entend toujours parler dans les médias des problèmes dans nos villes et on oublie souvent les bonnes choses. Expliquez pourquoi vous êtes fier/fière de votre quartier, de votre ville ou de votre village.

This is longer than your answer should be in order to give you more vocab!

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