How I got an A1/ H1 in English- Tips and Tricks!

I completed my Leaving Cert a few years ago and studied English and French in University afterwards. I’m now a teacher of both and recently realised how difficult some students consider the subject. I got an A1 in English (I got 98% overall when I viewed my script) and thought I would reflect on some of my own study efforts and share them.  This is by no means an exhaustive list but they certainly worked for me so I hope somebody finds them helpful! In relation to timing for each section I simply made an effort to complete my English homework within the recommended timing in sixth year.

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Leaving Cert English- King Lear Notes

I’m in the middle of writing an essential King Lear guide for students. This will include an analysis of each scene, as well including the essential quotes to learn for Leaving Cert English. It’s intended to hopefully simplify the text for students.

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