Sample Junior Cert Letter- 2009 Paper

You have just gone back to school after the Christmas holidays. Your French penpal Philippe has sent you a Christmas present. Write a letter in French to Philippe.

In your letter – thank him for his letter and the present – tell him what you did during the Christmas holidays – give him some news about your best friend – tell him about your plans for your birthday – ask him to come and visit you next summer.

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Junior Cert French 2010 Sample Letter

It is the month of May and you are preparing for the Junior Certificate. Write a letter in French to your penpal Claudine. In your letter – apologise for not writing sooner and give an excuse – thank her for the invitation to spend two weeks in St Malo next summer – tell her what you hope to do during your time in St Malo – ask for news about her family – tell her what you did during the Easter holidays.

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Junior Cert French- Sample Letter 2011

It is the month of June. The school holidays have just started. Write a letter to your French penpal Bernard in which you – thank him for his letter and birthday present – tell him something about your school exams – say what you did last weekend – ask him about his summer holiday plans – give him some news about your family.

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Junior Cert Essential Vocabulary Booklets for Sale

I have compiled a thirty page booklet containing vocabulary from all of the essential topics for Junior Certificate French.

Remember- vocabulary knowledge is worth 75% of your grade at Junior Cert French!

As well as this, the booklets also include the phonetic pronunciation of each word so that you can recognise them aurally.

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