Sentence Fillers for Junior Certificate/ Leaving Cert OL French

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French Pronunciation- Useful Resources

Ah, French pronunciation. When I was a student preparing for French oral examinations I used to walk around the house muttering to myself in French in a deranged manner. I was never entirely sure if it was correct or not- I just hoped for the best! Anyway, I made French friends in college and have spent around two years in France working/ studying since that so all is well on the pronunciation front now. That said, I speak regularly to French friends to maintain it.

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French Films Suitable for Students (All Available Free Online)

Saving you that trip to Amazon! Here are a few films that are available online for free. It can be great to show a film in TY and discuss it afterwards. This is great preparation for the Leaving Cert Oral exam where students can discuss a favourite French film! It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable/ reliable film on the internet so here are a few ideas.

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Junior Cert French Sample Letter- 2018 Paper

It is the month of May and you are looking forward to the summer holidays.  

  Write a letter in French to your penpal, Christine. 

 In your letter

‐  thank her for her letter and birthday present

‐  give her some news about one of your friends

– say something about a film you have recently seen –

say that you are going to spend a week in Italy with your family

– ask her about her plans for the summer.

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How to effectively study French over summer holidays

It’s the last thing you want to hear about. Unless I offer you a free holiday to the French Riveria of course (not this time).  However, maintaining French language skills over summer can prove to be hugely advantageous when preparing for Junior Cert/ Leaving Cert. And the good news is that it’s quite easy in the era of broadband! Continue reading “How to effectively study French over summer holidays”

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