Experiences of Working in France

As someone who has spent three summers working in France I completely understand le défi that awaits anyone trying to find a job in France for summer.

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Chain restaurants worth visiting in France

In case you haven’t noticed, food is something that I feel strongly about. When on holidays, I’m the lunatic tourist who scours the Tripadvisor app trying to find the best value restaurants to go to. On reflection, I think that around 70% of my Erasmus grant in Lyon must have been squandered on eating out with other equally food appreciative (or lazy..) friends. Wasn’t that the entire point of the Erasmus grant though? To pump it back straight into the EU economy? (Gulp.)

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Irish GAA teams in France

Je sais, je sais. You didn’t move to France to take up a sport you retired from at the age of twelve. You didn’t even plan to have any free time between becoming a master macaron chef and getting wooed by French romantics. Indeed, I found myself reflecting on these very thoughts as I sat in a Irish bar watching a Gaa match in the hope that I would pick up some skills for my own impending GAA match in Paris the week after.

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Vegan and vegetarian food in Lyon

Initially, the best idea to eat vegetarian in Lyon can seem to take a dander to the market and essentially eat all of the fruit/veg in sight and hope that it’ll fill you. For those of you that don’t know, Lyon is the food capital of France and for the most part, vegetarian isn’t on the menu. However, a few years older, slimmer and a Nutribullet purchase later, I can appreciate that vegan and vegetarian food is becoming seriously more popular. Here’s where to visit in Lyon.

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