Ways to improve French Listening Skills

Years later, the “beep” of the Junior/ Leaving cert aural exams still heightens my breathing and increases my heart rate. Not ideal… particularly when I’m the teacher. This post is designed to help French learners develop better aural skills- it’s aimed at university students as well as secondary school students. Advertisements

Assistive Technology and MFL

I completed my dissertation based on the topic of “Dyslexia and MFL learning”  two years ago. At the time I was concerned by the number of people getting exemptions from studying MFL, even though I was convinced that these students were exceptionally able.

Junior Cert French

Resources for the letter are here. Resources for the note are here. Resources for the postcard are here. Resources for the reading comprehensions are here. Resources for the aural are here. Grammar resources here.

Leaving Cert French

Resources for reading comprehensions are here. Resources for diary entries are here. Grammar resources are here. Resources for opinion pieces are here. Vocabulary lists for written pieces are here. Translation exercises here. Oral resources are here. Listening resources are here.

Fun ways to immerse yourself in French

I’ll be the first to admit that I sympathise with people when they say that they find French study difficult or boring. I can still remember life almost ten years ago when I was preparing for my French Junior Certificate exam. Unfortunately, most memories consist of me attempting to learn EVERYTHING in my French book… Continue Reading →

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