eTwinning Project Ideas- MFL

I only started eTwinning last year and I’ve really enjoyed it. Here are a few ideas to begin. Remember, you absolutely don’t have to be a whizz on computers- it’s very straightforward and the eTwinning team give lots of support!  The eTwinning Project kits are also fantastic for inspiration (see link here).

1. A simple Penpal project

This is a really nice way to get started and I find that students really enjoy it too. As the partner classes are most likely learning English it is a good idea to write half the letter in English and half in the target language. This is nice and simple and students (even the reluctant learners!) love when letters come to class. I’d recommend scanning the letters and uploading them to the eTwinning Twinspace (platform) – I’m still bitter after letters that I cost €8 to post managed to get lost! This simple project can also be developed with Skype Video calls. My school has recently purchased headsets with microphones so that students can speak to their penpal in the target language.

2. A project comparing cultures

I completed a nice simple project based on Easter traditions with schools from France and Belgium. Students were divided into four groups based on Easter (food/ typical activities/ religious aspects/ history of the holiday), discussed each topic with their partners from other countries and eventually showcased the results in an online book.  This could easily be adapted for Christmas/ Hallowe’en, etc. I actually won an award for this one so I recommend it!

 3. A project based on our vicinities

This is one that I have in mind for the coming year. I intend to make a short project based on Google Maps and the local area following this general approach- giving directions to our partner school and having them virtually walk through our town! In turn, we will discover their town following their instructions. To cumulate the project each school could prepare a short tourist brochure on each other’s town in the target language.

4.  A short story project

Again, this is an idea of mine that I hope to implement in the near future. A short story could be created with partner schools. This can be something very simple, like a story aimed at children. It may be as simple as one school writing half the story in one language, whilst the other school finish it in the language they are learning. It could also be completed bilingually chapter by chapter. Students could then proofread each other’s work. Just an idea, but something I’m hoping to get started soon!


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