Role Play Inspiration- Junior Cycle French

Here are some resources that may be useful for finding inspiration for oral work in class or preparation for the Classroom Based Assessments.


  1. Scoilnet has lots of resources designed specifically for the Junior Cycle French course. Role play resources are here.
  2. This DELF website has lots of useful information/ preparation for role plays for A1/A2 level. Here is a link to booking a medical appointment. There are lots more resources like this on the site. It also has useful information that may be used in making presentations- for example describing a film (here).
  3. This resource has lots of choice of potential roleplays- definitely suitable for beginners.
  4. This link has thirty role plays. Some are quite advanced for Junior Cycle level but can be diffentiated as required.
  5.  This Youtube channel has sample role plays that may be useful to prepare students for them.
  6. Here are some role-play ideas based on food.
  7. Some role play questions/ solutions are here.
  8. Try to be topical/ creative! An idea would be to show the recent Pogba/ Mourinho video of their “argument” at training and ask students to imagine they are Pogba/ Mourinho and base a roleplay on that.

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