Transition Year French Ideas

I love hearing about ideas for TY French. Here are a few of mine.

During the year I would try to place particular emphasis on oral and aural work. I would definitely make a start on the Leaving Certificate Oral examination, maybe aiming to have two sections of it prepared. It can also be a great idea to have students prepare a small project that could be used as a document for the Oral exam. As well as this itt’s a fantastic opportunity to revise all grammar points.

There are endless ideas that you may already be familiar with. French breakfasts, French plays, French films (check the IFI for local screenings) and French music modules are also great ideas. It’s also a great time to introduce other assessment methods to the class (Kahoot is always popular).

Here are some other ideas!

  1.  Concours Vidéo.

This is organised by the French Teachers Association of Ireland (FTA). A theme is provided by the FTA and your class can interpret it as they wish. My class did this last year and it’s a lovely memory for them to have! More information and previous winners here.

2. Un Défilé de Mode:

We have a French fashion show in our school every year. This is organised by TY students and younger year groups come to watch it. Teachers also dress up at the end!

3. Teaching French in a primary school:

This is something I’m trying to organise for this year. We hope to send some TY students into the local primary school to teach basic French. The TY students themselves will have responsibility for planning and organising resources for the students. Our German faculty will also do the same in order to give them a taste of both languages.

4. Etwinning Projects

I’ve explained what Etwinning is here. It really is an excellent resource for teachers. There are so many potential projects but you could keep it simple and have some Skype calls with other French schools.

5. Making Videos in French

You can use the BookCreator app to create short French films. It can be a good idea to perhaps divide students into groups and create French videos suitable for the school website, such as a tour of the school or the local area. Students can take videos and then narrate the short video in French themselves.

6. Concours Poésie

A French poetry competition is organised by AMOPA (details on last year’s competition here). Students must create a poem based on a given theme.

7. Making French advertisements for products

This is such a fun way to get students speaking. Students can pick a product of their choice and do a sales pitch for it. If possible it is excellent to have them creating their own videos to accompany it.

8. Making Podcasts

Last year I divided students into groups and gave each group a grammar point to create a podcast on (e.g. the passé composé). Each group created a short Podcast on this (they simply made a Powerpoint and then podcasted it, but you can just make a Powerpoint if it’s easier). They narrated the Powerpoint. These can then be shown to junior classes/ placed on school website. They will also present them to the class in a “flipped classroom” format.


Let me know about your ideas in the comments!



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