French Films Suitable for Students (All Available Free Online)

Saving you that trip to Amazon! Here are a few films that are available online for free. It can be great to show a film in TY and discuss it afterwards. This is great preparation for the Leaving Cert Oral exam where students can discuss a favourite French film! It can sometimes be difficult to find a suitable/ reliable film on the internet so here are a few ideas.

Full Films on Youtube with English Subtitles:

1. Les Choristes  is a lovely film. It’s based in a boarding school with many challenging kids. There is however a happy ending!

2. Steak  is a comedy film based around a mistaken identity.

3. Entre Les Murs The Class is probably one of my favourite videos to watch. It’s based in a challenging school in Paris and provides great scope for debate on social issues.

Full Films/ Documentaries on Netflix with English Subtitles:

1.  10 Jours en Or  is a film based on a bachelor man unexpectedly caring for a young boy.

2. November 17- Attack on Paris is a documentary based on the terrorist attacks in Paris.

3. Je Suis Charlie is another documentary based on on terrorist attacks in Paris.



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