Vocal Recall App Review

This is a really useful app for any teachers trying to reduce time spent marking and giving feedback to written work and tests! It can be used for any subject. Best of all, it’s free!

The app basically allows you to significantly reduce time spent giving written feedback by recording your oral feedback and giving it to a student. Here’s how! Don’t worry, it’s very user friendly.

  1. Download the “Vocal Recall” App.
  2. Before you record, print out the QR codes. You request these in the app and they’re sent to your email address immediately free of charge. You can print these out on normal paper or stickers. You can also buy them here, but I just printed mine out on normal paper.
  3. Record your feedback in the app in the “record” section. It can be up to five minutes long.
  4. When you have finished recording press the second button on the screen. Have your printed QR codes beside you. Take a photo of one of the QR codes with your phone (this appears automatically in the app).
  5. Give the QR code to a student (you can stick it in their copy) and get them to scan the code (most phones allow them to do this by simply taking a photo of it). A URL pops up when it is scanned, bringing them to a link with your recording. You can see whether the student has listened to your feedback- even seeing if they have listened to all of it!

I heard about it on Twitter and have given it a go. It did exactly what it said on the tin. I can’t wait to get using it properly. A student using it said that it was just like having a private tutor as they can listen to the feedback as many times as they like. Has anyone else tried it?


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