Authentic French Videos for Junior and Leaving Cert

French videos are obviously a fantastic resource to include in the French classroom. However, I have struggled to find videos suitable for Junior Cert and Senior Cycle level but I eventually managed to find a few! I have another post on other aural resources here.

This website has videos for Junior Cycle students- for example on topics like sport and holidays. Transcriptions are included!

Flevideo has short videos suitable for beginners with a short quiz included.

Ielanguages has wonderfully informative videos based on living in France. Also suitable for beginners!

BBC has short videos aimed at beginner French learners. Topics included ordering food in a restaurant and giving directions.

Newsinslowfrench is an audio resource with an accompanying transcript. Suitable for more advanced learners.

Ilini has topical videos with questions included. Suitable for more senior students.

LawlessFrench has videos suitable for all levels.


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