Sample Sentences For Every Leaving Cert Theme!

Below are a few useful sentences that can be manipulated to suit any theme. These are better than other “learned off” sentences because inserting vocabulary relevant to theme makes it more relevant to question, therefore appearing less “learned off.” Hope they are helpful.

  • C’est le devoir de __________________ de ______________________. It’s the duty of _______________ to ___________________.
  • Il est important de ___________ : It is important to _____________________________.
  • C’est la responsabilité de ___________ de soigner/ limiter/ aider/ arrêter ________________________. It’s the responsibility of ___________ to care for/ limit/ help/ stop __________________
  • _________ est sans doute un acte incompréhensible. ________________ is without doubt an incomprehensible act.
  • Certains / _______ adoptent/ il existe souvent une attitude positive/ négative/ de défiance/ intolérance/ ignorance/ gratitude/ ingratitude envers _____________. Some people/ ____ adopt/ there is often a positive/ negative/ defiant/ intolerant/ ignorant/ grateful/ ungrateful attitude towards ________
  • Il faut que __________________ fasse des efforts pour __________________________. It is necessary that ________ makes efforts to ________
  • Cela encouragerait __________ : This would encourage


  1. It’s the duty of schools to make education more interesting:
  2. Lots of young people adopt a negative attitude towards school
  3. This would encourage less rote learning.
  4. It is important to introduce continuous assessment.


  1. C’est le devoir des écoles de rendre l’éducation plus intéressante.
  2. Beaucoup de jeunes adoptent une attitude négative envers l’école.
  3. Il est important d’introduire le contrôle continu.
  4. Cela éncouragerait moins d’apprentissage par coeur.

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