Useful MFL games for Senior Cycle

I wrote this post for another French blog last year and thought that I may as well share it on my own! I sometimes found inventing games for senior classes difficult- unfortunately they were significantly less invested in any “Charades” efforts! I hope these help.

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Working at a French Language Summer Camp- My Experiences

Finding summer employment is often a necessity for teachers. A good option for language teachers is to teach at a summer language course- find a list of these here.

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Sample Junior Cert Letter- 2009 Paper

You have just gone back to school after the Christmas holidays. Your French penpal Philippe has sent you a Christmas present. Write a letter in French to Philippe.

In your letter – thank him for his letter and the present – tell him what you did during the Christmas holidays – give him some news about your best friend – tell him about your plans for your birthday – ask him to come and visit you next summer.

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