Useful websites for Leaving Cert French

Here are a few websites and accounts that you may find helpful. Let me know if there are any other ones so that I can add them!

Essential French

If you don’t follow Cork grinds company Essential French (owned by Natasha Lynch) you need to do so immediately.  Natasha is very active on Snapchat (@essentialfrench) helping Junior and Leaving Cert students with the language in a totally exam focused manner. Natasha is a real wonder woman whose students have achieved the highest Leaving Cert French results in Ireland for the past 15 years- incroyable! She is a total joy to watch and is so kind to give up her time as a busy business woman to help students all over the country with French. Je t’aime Natasha!!

Ms Shannon’s Funky French

This is a wonderful French blog by an Irish secondary school teacher of both subjects. It is an excellent and helpful resource- Rachel’s students are no doubt lucky to have such a dedicated teacher. As fate would have it, I actually ended up meeting Rachel last year when she worked as an oral examiner in my school. Rachel also runs a wonderful Engish site here. Bonne continuation Rachel!

La classe de Sandrine 

Sandrine Pac-Kenny is French herself and works in an Irish secondary school. She is very involved with the promotion of the language and runs a wonderful blog that is very useful for students and teachers alike. She shows a real passion for her native language and her students are no doubt lucky to have her as a teacher!


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