Junior Cert French 2010 Sample Letter

It is the month of May and you are preparing for the Junior Certificate. Write a letter in French to your penpal Claudine. In your letter – apologise for not writing sooner and give an excuse – thank her for the invitation to spend two weeks in St Malo next summer – tell her what you hope to do during your time in St Malo – ask for news about her family – tell her what you did during the Easter holidays.

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Translations Practice- Journal Intime Leaving Cert French

Translations are vital to get the little things correct in French that really count for high marks, for example tenses and prepositions. Practising translation tests the vocabulary that you are (or should be) familiar with and helps to actually put the vocabulary that you have learned to use.

Practise the below yourself. The solutions are below them- but ensure that you practise them yourself before checking! They are relatively basic sentences intended for a diary entry.

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