Grammar: Important Verbs for Junior Cert French

Ensure that you know the below verbs for the Junior Cert exam!


Aimer   to like, to love

Acheter to buy

Arriver   to arrive, to happen

Chanter   to sing

Chercher   to look for

Commencer   to begin

Danser   to dance

Détester   to hate

Donner   to give

Écouter   to listen to

Étudier  to study

Gagner To win

Jouer   to play

Laver   to wash

Manger   to eat

Parler   to talk, to speak

Passer   to pass, spend (time)

Porter   to wear, to carry

Regarder   to watch, to look at

Rentrer/ Retourner to return

Tomber To fall

Travailler   to work

Trouver   to find

Visiter   to visit (a place)

Voler   To steal



Choisir: to choose

Finir: To finish

Punir: to punish

Remplir: to fill


Attendre   to wait (for)

Entendre   to hear

Perdre   to lose

Répondre   to answer

Vendre   to sell



Aller to go

Avoir To have

Devoir To have to

Dire to say

Être to be

Faire to do

Mettre to put

Pouvoir to be able

Prendre to Take

Savoir To know

Voir to see

Venir to come

Vouloir To want


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