Leaving Cert French Opinion Piece Step by Step- L’environnement

Le réchauffement global ? Ne t’inquiète pas. Ce n’est pas encore un problème sérieux.

Remember: you don’t need to be an ecologist to write an opinion piece on environment in French!


Here is a handy step by step way to complete your answer

Remember: You must not think in English when preparing your answer. Instead, you must list your vocabulary that you know on the environment (find this here) and use this with sentence structures (find these here) to create your answer. As this question falls under the “problem” category (there is a question like this every year) you will use some of this (find it here) vocabulary to also form your answer.

List the vocabulary that you know:

Point 1... Le réchauffement global

Emprinte carbon…


L’eau… L’électricité

Point 2…

Organiser des campagnes….


Recycler… Manger bio

Des panneaux solaires

A quick glance of this will tell you the way your answer is going- you’re going to say it’s a serious issue. It does not matter what your personal opinions are- what matters is the vocabulary that you know!

The sentences in blue below are phrases that can be anything and are found here and here.

The vocab in red is taken from my environment notes- found here.

If you found this step by step helpful find more here!

Je ne partage pas cet avis. Par contre, je crois que le réchauffement climatique est un enjeu sérieux qui nous concerne tous.

Premièrement, on ne peut pas nier la gravité de la situation environnementale aujourd’hui. On ne peut pas nier que le réchauffement global est influencé par notre comportement sur la terrepar exemple notre empreinte carbone et le gaspillage de l’eau et de l’électricité. Par conséquent, il y a aussi des inondations et la déforestation.  

Deuxièmement, il me semble que nous devons agir ensemble pour lutter contre cet enjeu. À vrai dire, il faut que le gouvernement organise des campagnes pour encourager le public à respecter la planète. Personnellement, je recycle mes papiers et je mange bio. Nous avons aussi des panneaux solaires chez nous.

En somme, c’est clair que le réchauffement de la terre est une situation inquiétante aujourd’hui.


I don’t share this opinion. On the contrary, I think that global warming is a serious issue that concerns us all.

Firstly, we can’t deny the seriousness of the environmental situation today. We live in a word where global warming is influenced by our behaviour on earth- for example our carbon footprint and the wasting of water and electricity. As a result, there’s also floods and deforestation.

Secondly, it seems to me that we have to act together to fight against this issue. To tell the truth, the government have to organise campaigns to make people aware to respect the planet. Personally, I recycle my papers and I eat biologically. We also have solar panels at our house.

In summary, it’s clear that global warming is a worrying situation today.

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