Junior Cert French- Note Question

Either a note or a postcard question will appear on the Junior Cert French paper every year. One year they afforded you the liberty of a choice between them but this rarely occurs so you must be prepared for both!

This, like the postcard, is relatively easy to prepare for. However, this is slightly more difficult to prepare for than the postcard, as the note question generally asks for more unpredictable points than the postcard.

For example, one note in a past paper asked you to write a note to your teacher apologising for forgetting homework. Another note asked you to say that it was too warm in the house and that you are going to the park.

However, you are likely going to be stating that you are leaving and house or when you will return.

You must revise town places for this as you are often asked to state that you are going somewhere.

Try to write around two sentences for every point.

J’irai / Je vais…. en ville/ au parc/ au supermarché : I am going/ I will go to…………….town/ the park/ the supermarket

Est-ce-que tu veux/ vous voulez venir? Do you want to come ?

Juste un petit mot pour te/vous dire que: Just a note to tell you that… (Remember to use “te” for a friend and “vous” for someone that you are unfamiliar with)

J’ai mon portable avec moi si tu veux/ vous voulez me contacter : I have my phone with me if you want to contact me

Je serai de retour : I will return…

Avant/ Après : Before/ After

Je te/ vous verrai/ téléphonerai plus tard : I will see you/ telephone you later

Quitter la maison: To leave the house

Laisser: To leave

See a sample note here.


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