Leaving Cert French Grammar: Verbs followed by “À” or “De”

Some verbs in French require “À” or “De” after them once they come before an infinitive (a full verb). Failing to implement this rule into your written work will result in reduced communication marks- so here’s how to avoid it!

Below are the lists of verbs that you are most likely to use on your Leaving Cert exam. Please note that the below verbs are not to be confused with those used in pronouns- find these here!

Aider à:  To help to

Arriver à: To manage to

Avoir du mal à: To struggle to

Commencer à: To start to

Chercher à: To attempt to

Continuer à : To continue to

Encourager à : To encourage to

Réussir à: To succeed at


À vrai dire internet nous aide à rester en contact avec nos proches : To tell the truth the internet helps us to stay in contact with our close family

Ma mère m’encourage à faire mes devoirs: My mother encourages me to do my homework

Verbs followed by “de”:

Essayer de: To try to

Décider (de): to decide to

Rêver (de): To dream to

Refuser (de): To refuse to

Se souvenir de : To remember


Certains eleves rêvent d’obtenir une licence: Some students dream of obtaining a degree

Le gouvernement doit decider d’augmenter le nombre de policiers sur les rues: The government must decide to increase the number of police on the streets


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