Leaving Cert French: Qui vs Que


It is essential to recognise the difference between “qui” and “que” in written French. Using the wrong one will cost you precious marks and mistakes are really easily avoided.

Contrary to popular belief, “qui” does not only mean “who” in French.

Depending on the sentence, “qui” can also mean “that” or “which”– as does “que.” This means that both words are essential sentence linkers.

How do we know which one to use?

Very simply- “qui” is always followed by a verb.

Je prends le bus qui va à Dublin: I’m taking the bus that goes to Dublin

Le train que j’ai pris: The train that I took

L’enfant qui mange les bonbons : The child that eats the sweets

J’aime le manteau que j’ai acheté: I like the coat that I bought


Test yourself here: http://www.tolearnfrench.com/exercises/exercise-french-2/exercise-french-27692.php


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