Junior Cert French Postcard Phrases

The postcard question is worth thirty marks of the French Junior Certificate Paper.

Either a note or postcard appears every year on the Junior Cert- a choice is rarely given so it is essential that you prepare both!

Fifteen of the marks are given for communication (ensuring that you actually communicate the points that are requested) and the other fifteen are for language (judging how impressive your vocabulary is).

The postcard asks you to communicate three points in French. These points will test your past, present and future tenses.

In preparing for this question it is essential to prepare vocabulary that can be used for a variety of situations.

The topics of food, weather, accommodation, transport and activities regularly appear. The same points appear on the postcard year after year so please ensure that you prepare these well.

You should aim for your answer to be around half a page. Try to write at least two sentences per point.



Le voyage en avion/train/bateau/voiture était long/ confortable: The plane/train/boat/ car journey was long/ comfortable

Je suis arrivé(e) sain(e) et sauf/ sauve: I arrived safe and sound



 Goûter: To taste

Cher: Expensive

Manger : To eat

La cuisine locale: Local food

Un restaurant: A restaurant

Des cuisses de grenouille: Frogs legs

Fêter l’anniversaire de: To celebrate the birthday of

Des glaces: Ice creams

La cuisine me plaît: I like the food

Nous avons bien mangé: We ate well

Miam: Yum

C’est/ c’était délicieux: It is/ was delicious



Faire du tourisme: To go sightseeing

Faire du shopping: To go shopping

Faire de la natation/ du ski: To go swimming/ skiing

Se bronzer: To tan oneself

Goûter la cuisine locale: To taste the local food

Visiter: To visit

Acheter des cadeaux/ souvenirs: To buy presents/ souvenirs



Le soleil brille tous les jours: The sun shines everyday

Il neige/ pleut: It’s snowing/ raining

Un ciel clair: A clear sky

Le temps est superbe/ magnifique : The weather is superb/ magnificent

Il fait beau : The weather is fine



Rester: To stay

Louer : To rent

Près de la mer/ du centre ville: Near the sea/ town centre

Une piscine/ une salle de jeux/ un restaurant: A pool/ games room/ restaurant

C’est le paradis sur terre : It’s heaven on earth

Le personnel est serviable: The staff are helpful

Les lits sont confortables : The beds are comfortable

La vue est magnifique: The view is beautiful

Un camping/ une auberge de jeunesse/ un hôtel/ un appartement: A campsite/ youth hostel/ hotel/ apartment

Un bel hôtel : A nice hotel


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