Experiences of Working in France

As someone who has spent three summers working in France I completely understand le défi that awaits anyone trying to find a job in France for summer.

I do my best to help people- plenty of ideas here and I also post ideas regularly to my Facebook.

However, it is important to know that the elusive job in France may not be all that you have dreamed of. I have been disappointed by various work experience in France and I know that many others have experienced the same plight.

Bearing this in mind, I’ve done my utmost to track down blogs with honest experiences of working abroad.

You can read about my experiences of working in Disneyland here, my ill fated au pair experience here and working for the AA in Lyon here.

Meanwhile, here’s some other experiences:

Working in bars/ restaurants:

Here is an anonymous boy’s mixed experiences of working in bars and restaurants in Paris.

Here is a really honest, insightful read into an Irish girl’s experience of working in a restaurant in Carcassone over Summer.

Working in Vineyards:

Here is one volunteer’s experience in a Champagne vineyard

Here is a reflection on two weeks spent picking grapes in the Loire Valley

Working at holiday camps:

Here is an account of time spent working as an animateur near Avignon.

Here is an honest account from an Irish girl’s summer work experience as a “campsite courier.”

Working in a ski resort:

Here is one worker’s experience of working in the French Alps.

Working at Disneyland:

You can read about my experiences here, and another cast member’s blog here.

WWOOFing and Workaway volunteering  work:

You can read about someone’s farm work here.

You can read about someone’s Workaway experience here.

Volunteering in a hostel:

You can read about a two week stint volunteering in a hostel in Paris here.


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