French Summer Language Courses in Ireland

You’ve probably been sent- or at least been threatened- to the Gaeltacht at some stage in your post primary language career. Did you know that French summer colleges exist in Ireland too? Just in case hinting about a family trip to Nice isn’t working out…

Here is a selection of some colleges available in Ireland. I am not affiliated with any of these at all- I am just doing my best to provide information. However, please ensure that you do your utmost to learn as much about the course before booking. Please ensure that it will be specifically tailored to your needs (for example, an intensive Leaving Cert course), that there will be relatively small class sizes and of course try to find reviews on the course before booking.

  1. Language Camp West

Hidden in Achill island you’ll find a French and German language college. This is a residential camp offering one or two week stays. I must say that the course really looks fantastic- the fantastic setting on the island lends itself to many fun activities to alleviate any French grammar related stress. You can read more here, or check out their Facebook page here.

2.  Euro Languages College

Euro Language College offer Spanish, German and French colleges in four locations in Ireland. I must say that I have heard great reports about these courses- you’re in a strictly French/ German/ Spanish environment all day which obviously has a wonderful effect on your confidence and understanding of the language. The courses are mostly a two week duration. Find out more here.

3. Coláiste Bhreandain

This college (located in Dingle) is particularly interesting because it offers combined cours es of Irish and French. This makes it potentially great value for money if you struggle with both languages. One and two week courses available here.

4.  The French Institute in Galway

This organisation offers language courses abroad in Nice. These are residential courses for all levels for minimum one week. This sounds particularly interesting and is definitely worth looking into here.

5. Stein Study Abroad

As the name suggests, Stein Study offers language courses abroad in France/ Germany/ Spain/ Italy. The courses themselves are aimed at Junior and Leaving Cert students and have a variety of locations to choose from in France. I have heard really good reports about these courses- check it out here. You can also try to become an ambassador (and win a free trip) here.

6. Crea Langues

This is a residential camp set in Provence. It is quite expensive but it does offer total immersion, which may be lacking in some Irish camps. Find out more here.

7. Living Languages

This is another residential camp in France- in private boarding schools! It also provides mock oral exams and is aimed at a Leaving Cert level. Find out more here.

8. École De Mer

This language school is located in Waterford and is ran by French examiners. Going by the website I must say that it seems impressively exam focused. The courses are a week long and has limited places which can only serve to maximise your study. Find out more here.


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