Leaving Cert French Grammar: Verbs followed by “À” or “De”

Some verbs in French require “À” or “De” after them once they come before an infinitive (a full verb). Failing to implement this rule into your written work will result in reduced communication marks- so here’s how to avoid it! Continue reading “Leaving Cert French Grammar: Verbs followed by “À” or “De””


Immigration Vocabulary for Leaving Cert French

Immigration is very topical at the moment with Brexit, Trump and Marine Le Pen in France. Here is some vocabulary. Remember to use these with sentence structures and link words. It may also appear as a problem question. It may seem lengthy but it is a very topical issue at the moment and is worth preparing for!

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Grammar: Leaving Cert French: Understanding the Plus-Que-Parfait

The “plus-que-parfait” is one of the easiest French tenses around. However, some books explain it in a frustratingly difficult fashion. These often unnecessarily difficult explanations combined with the fancy name means that the tense is often met with an unjustified sense of terror.

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French Pronouns Explained for Junior and Leaving Cert French

I have very little memories of time spent in French classes as a student for my own Junior Cert- but I can remember being taught pronouns. Despite my teacher’s best efforts, I simply could not grasp the concept of a direct or indirect object. With a Junior Certificate French exam looming, I did what any desperate fourteen year old student would do- begged my mother for help. My long suffering mother who had never actually studied French herself understandably failed to come up trumps. However, nine years and a French degree later I’ve managed to master them- and so can you! Tip: it wasn’t worth my bald patches acquired in the back of a third year French class.

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