How to travel on a budget in France


It’s that time of the year isn’t it?

Booking a holiday time that is…..coincidentally clashing with my self inflicted order to “faire des économies.” Oops!

I LOVE travelling, and I particularly love getting great deals on holidays. I have been known to spend ages trawling through Tripadvisor trying to find nice reasonably priced hotels- a real labour of love. I actually enjoy reading hotel reviews and sussing out which ones are best value. I truly believe that travelling doesn’t have to be really expensive- there are so many great hostels/ affordable hotels nowadays that it would literally be an offence not to go. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Here’s a few ideas for affordable travelling in France:

1) French Discount Websites
I’ve previously used the French version of Groupon and I highly recommend it for affordable hotel stays in France. It also sells restaurant deals, tours and other holiday essentials. It’s well worth a trawl through if you’re considering a stay in France- it’s how I managed to stay for a night in Monaco! If you have any issues with the French language end of things please message me and I’ll be really happy to help. Similar websites include Travelbird and HRS. They offer discount stays in many cities so don’t blame me if you accidentally book a holiday in Barcelona.

2) Oui Bus
This magical bus allows you to visit cities for really affordable prices. I travelled from France to Italy on it before and there were no complaints. It’s significantly cheaper than flying so if you can handle long bus journeys I’d definitely consider it!

3) Eurolines

This is another bus company like the one above but with different destinations. I’ve never tried it but it looks fine and is really affordable.
4) Ouigo Train
The Ouigo is a cheaper method of train transport in France. The main method of train transport is more expensive than the Ouigo, although the Ouigo only has limited destinations. However, it does go to Disneyland so it’s worth a look.

5) Car sharing
Car sharing (covoiturage) is really popular in France. The website allows you to search for people that you could potentially travel with, or also allows you to advertise spare seats. Worth it if you can cope with awkward conversation.
6) Le Bon Coin
This is basically the French version of Donedeal, so it sells EVERYTHING. A word of warning though- pay particular caution to buying tickets etc, as unfortunately I have friends who have found out the hard way that their “billets parc Disneyland pas cher” were fake. Worth a look anyway as train tickets and concert tickets are sold here.

Bon voyage!

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