Working Christmas in Disneyland- My Experience

After a failed au pair experience in France I entered my second year in college without having spent any adequate length of time in France. This was worrying- while I was doing my utmost to immerse myself in the French language in everyday life I knew that I would have to spend more time in France to fully master la langue. As I was unsure whether I would complete an Erasmus year in France at the time, I was becoming increasingly apprehensive about working in France.

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Leaving Cert French- Sample Answer from 2015 Paper

« Au milieu de la nuit, j’ai été réveillé… » [Section I, Q.2]

Au milieu de la nuit, vous avez soudain été réveillé(e) par un bruit. Racontez ce quis’est passé ensuite. (Votre récit peut être réel ou imaginaire.)

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Leaving Cert French Comprehension Grammar Question Tips


Grammar questions are asked annually on the comprehension section of the exam. Here, you will be given a grammatical term to find in a section in the piece. Remember- do not give the “subject” with your term (the “I”, “he”, or “they”)- otherwise the answer will be incorrect.

Here are the most common terms:

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Junior Cert 2016 Sample Letter

You are on a school exchange in France, and are staying with a French family. Write a letter in

French to your penpal Annette who lives in another part of France. In your letter

– apologise for not writing sooner and give an excuse

– describe the family with whom you are staying

– tell her about some things you like/dislike about France

– say that you are going to spend a few days in Paris next week

– invite her to come to Ireland during the summer holidays.

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A typical day on Erasmus

The terms “Erasmus” or “year abroad” have various associations. There’s the idea that your only real involvement in the culture is by socialising in the town, yet there are also the terrifying tales (often recited by your lecturers…) about those mysterious students who somehow failed all of their exams and ultimately were left without the elusive “international” degree certificate.

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