Working Christmas in Disneyland- My Experience

After a failed au pair experience in France I entered my second year in college without having spent any adequate length of time in France. This was worrying- while I was doing my utmost to immerse myself in the French language in everyday life I knew that I would have to spend more time in France to fully master la langue. As I was unsure whether I would complete an Erasmus year in France at the time, I was becoming increasingly apprehensive about working in France.

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Leaving Cert French Comprehension Grammar Question Tips


Grammar questions are asked annually on the comprehension section of the exam. Here, you will be given a grammatical term to find in a section in the piece. Remember- do not give the “subject” with your term (the “I”, “he”, or “they”)- otherwise the answer will be incorrect.

Here are the most common terms:

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Junior Cert 2016 Sample Letter

You are on a school exchange in France, and are staying with a French family. Write a letter in

French to your penpal Annette who lives in another part of France. In your letter

– apologise for not writing sooner and give an excuse

– describe the family with whom you are staying

– tell her about some things you like/dislike about France

– say that you are going to spend a few days in Paris next week

– invite her to come to Ireland during the summer holidays.

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