Enjoyable French music artists

Je sais. A few hours of French a week is enough torture without it filtering into your iPods, am I right?  However, I’m pleased to share some French music that’s genuinely enjoyable without an accordion in sight. Useful for dancing a jig between revising the conditional tenses. I’m still searching for a French “One Direction”, but these will suffice in the meantime….

  1. Stromae

Many people already know about Stromae, but I couldn’t help but share his music. It’s genuinely great and he’s extremely popular in France.

2) Indila

Soothing, easy listened to music essential for when bouts of subjunctivitis flare up.

3) Camélia Jordana

I genuinely can’t get the “non non non” song out of my head. Please feel free to share this plight with me. Ideal soundtrack for writing a French diary entry to.

4) Amir

The Harry Styles of the French music world. Well it’s better than Justin Bieber isn’t it?

Happy toetapping!


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