Leaving Cert French Opinion Piece Phrases

Sentence constructions are essential for opinion pieces. The trick is to learn a variety of sentences that you can use for any topic. I hope you find these helpful.

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Leaving Cert French 2013 Sample Opinion Piece- Les Célébrités


2013 Question: L’influence des célébrités sur les jeunes

Aujourd’hui, les célébrités représentent des idoles pour les jeunes, et leur influence estconsidérable. Certaines célébrités peuvent inspirer aux jeunes des ambitions, maisd’autres célébrités peuvent avoir une mauvaise influence sur eux.

Donnez votre réaction.

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Enjoyable French music artists

Je sais. A few hours of French a week is enough torture without it filtering into your iPods, am I right?  However, I’m pleased to share some French music that’s genuinely enjoyable without an accordion in sight. Useful for dancing a jig between revising the conditional tenses. I’m still searching for a French “One Direction”, but these will suffice in the meantime….

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Junior Cert French 2015 Sample Letter

(i) It is the month of July and you have just returned home from two weeks holidays in Portugal. Write a letter in French to your penpal, Annette. In your letter

– describe the hotel where you stayed in Portugal

– mention some of the activities you did at the beach

– ask her if she is going to work during the holidays

– tell her about your plans for your birthday in August

– send your regards to her parents.

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Grammar: Subjunctive Phrases for Leaving Cert French

The subjunctive is the grammar clause that probably (unnecessarily) causes Leaving Cert French students with the most panic.  Indeed, the Chief Examiner noted at the recent French Teacher’s Association Annual Conference that many students seem to be suffering from “subjunctivitis” and leave it out completely in their work. Other students tended to hope for the best and used it in their written work- regardless or not if it related to their topic.

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