Disneyland Paris Interview Tips

My Disneyland Paris blog posts are quite popular so I thought that I would do all of you budding cast members a favour and spill the interview secrets.

Indeed, people always act mesmerised when I tell them that I’ve worked in Disneyland Paris twice. I mean, a young girl from the countryside…working at DISNEYLAND? Surely she could just have worked at Tayto Park?

Shocked relatives aside, the interview process is quite simple- you can read up on how to apply here. If you’re lucky enough to be selected for an interview, you’ll be invited to a city centre destination for an interview when the DLP casting team roll into town.

My own interview took place in Wynns hotel in Dublin. I can still remember arriving approximately three hours early (remember- country girls must leave approximately 24 hours in advance for city visits due to general fear of getting lost and never seeing the light of day again, let alone Mickey Mouse) and nervously entering the room with no idea what awaited me. Unfortunately, there was no Disney characters welcoming me in- instead, a rather normal interviewing room with various fellow friendly interviewees to chat with.

The first part of the interview was really interesting. It was really laid back and involved getting to know our two French interviewers. In true Disney style, they enthusiastically delivered a presentation and video about life in Disney. They also give away small prizes for questions afterwards- so pay attention in class!

Afterwards, we had the actual interview. These took place in pairs, so generally consists of you grabbing whoever sat next to you and hoping for the best. Both of you will wait in line for your interview. Each interviewer will interview a pair, so there’s two interviews taking place at different times. Both of the interviewers are French but are fluent in English.

Most of the interview will be in French. The questions are typical “job interview” ones, asking about your work experience or your university course. You may also be asked why you chose to study French (if you study it) and how you practice your French. Be warned: if you mention that you watch films/ listen to music in French you will have to elaborate on this and mention the last film/ song you watched or listened to!

You may also be asked which role you would like to work in in Disneyland, but this is no guarantee that you will actually get this role. I maintain that working in “les boutiques” is probably the best option for Disneyland.

If you are successful in interview, you will reach the “talent pool” stage. You should hear if you reached the talent pool within ten days. Unfortunately, this doesn’t guarantee you a job. If you don’t get a job offer within six months, you will have to reapply. However, please let me know if you’re in the Talent Pool and don’t seem to be getting a job offer- I know a little trick that might help!

If you have any questions, please contact me!



8 thoughts on “Disneyland Paris Interview Tips

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  1. hello,
    I’m in the talent pool and I’m very neevous about getting a job offer.
    could you please tell that trick you wrote about??

    thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Emilio! Good for you. My trick is to email your interviewer nearer the time if you still have no job offer asking if there are any vacancies. I know a few people who did this and the interviewer found jobs for them. Bon courage!


      1. ok,
        how do I write the email, formal? and which subject should I write?
        I’m afraid of beeing ansioux about that, I was almost two month in the pool, Do you think it’s ok to write them about starting in summer rigth now or should I wait more?

        thank u so much!!!


  2. Hi, my name is Ella. I have just confirmed my interview time, however I’m nervous, do you think I should still go to my interview if I do not speak any French? Well, not well anyway. Would English be enough? 🙈


    1. Hey Ella. Im wondering the same thing. Have an interview in Dublin in 2 weeks and my French isn’t great which is making me nervous !


      1. Hi ladies!! Unfortunately they will ask questions in French. However the questions aren’t overly difficult and are easily prepared for- for example talking about hobbies, the last film you watched, etc. Just prepare as best you can- a lot of people applying will have just Leaving Cert level French so please don’t be put off! 🙂


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