Junior Cert Sample Postcard- 2012 Paper

You are on holidays in Bruges, in Belgium with your family. Write a postcard to your French penpal Marc. In your postcard tell him – when you arrived and how you travelled – that you are staying in a hotel near the railway station – that you will go to a restaurant for your mother’s birthday.

Bruges, le huit juillet

Cher Marc,

Me voici à Bruges! Je suis arrivé jeudi matin avec ma famille. Le trajet en avion était confortable. Nous logeons dans un hôtel près de la gare. L’hôtel est assez grand- il y a un restaurant, une salle de jeux et une piscine. On mange dans le restaurant chaque matin. Le personnel est gentil. Je m’amuse très bien ici. Demain, nous irons au restaurant pour fêter l’anniversaire de ma mère. Elle aura cinquante ans! Ce sera super chouette- j’ai hâte!

Ton ami,


Dear Mark,

Here I am in Bruges! I arrived Thursday morning with my family. The journey by plane was comfortable. We are staying in a hotel near the station. The hotel is quite big- there is a restaurant, a games room and a swimming pool. We eat in the restaurant every morning. The staff are kind. I am really enjoying myself here. Tomorrow we are going to a restaurant to celebrate my mother’s birthday. She will be fifty. It will be great, I’m excited!

Your friend,



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