Hotel Review- Hotel Silky, Lyon

Returning to the city where I completed my Erasmus a few years previous always had the potential to be interesting. Would the GAA team that I “played “for offer me some sort of a magical transfer sum to stay in Lyon forever? Would I run into the same males that tormented me daily when I spent a year (accidentally) living in the drug capital of Lyon? Would low calorie croissants have been invented?


As it happened, none of the above actually occurred. However, I was particularly excited about the trip for Lyon for one reason- I was staying in a HOTEL for a night. Given that my year of an impoverished Erasmus student was spent living with the same level as glamour as the living conditions of a street rat, the prospect of a hotel excited me greatly. After some thorough research (and reluctant abandoning of five star hotels…) I chose Hotel Silky. It’s a newly renovated four star hotel located right next to Hotel de Ville- and more importantly, an icecream shop.

As I was travelling alone to Lyon to see some friends, I managed to get a great deal on a single room with breakfast included for €50. The hotel has every feel of a modern hotel- free bottled water and sweets available at reception, a Pokemon Go offer and a magical pocket wifi device that allows portable Wifi use. (This is accountable for my million Snapchat stories).

The room itself is more than adequate with a coffee machine. Unfortunately the hotel Wifi didn’t work as my room was on the fifth floor, but this wasn’t an issue due to aforementioned magical portable Wifi device. The hotel also hold a free “aperatif” for residents from 6pm-8pm featuring food from the region-  in this case bread, wine and cheese. Miam.

The only real downside that I found with the hotel was the breakfast offerings. The hotel itself had stated on Tripadvisor that it provides smoked salmon, but unfortunately this wasn’t the case. There were two types of cheeses on offer and some ham, as well as bread, fruit salad and pastries. While this was definitely adequate, I did lament the lack of eggs- but this can be rectified by simply going out for breakfast in future.

Overall, the hotel was absolutely fabulous. I definitely would stay again. The staff were so so friendly and helpful – a credit to the hotel. I definitely recommend! You can book here.





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