Hotel Review- Hotel Silky, Lyon

Returning to the city where I completed my Erasmus a few years previous always had the potential to be interesting. Would the GAA team that I “played “for offer me some sort of a magical transfer sum to stay in Lyon forever? Would I run into the same males that tormented me daily when I spent a year (accidentally) living in the drug capital of Lyon? Would low calorie croissants have been invented?

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Fun ways to immerse yourself in French

I’ll be the first to admit that I sympathise with people when they say that they find French study difficult or boring. I can still remember life almost ten years ago when I was preparing for my French Junior Certificate exam. Unfortunately, most memories consist of me attempting to learn EVERYTHING in my French book with a relative lack of success. If you can relate to this- please stop immediately. Over a third of the book won’t appear on your exam so stop wasting your time. Click here for help on what to prepare for the aural exam, or click here to prepare for the written ones.

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Chain restaurants worth visiting in France

In case you haven’t noticed, food is something that I feel strongly about. When on holidays, I’m the lunatic tourist who scours the Tripadvisor app trying to find the best value restaurants to go to. On reflection, I think that around 70% of my Erasmus grant in Lyon must have been squandered on eating out with other equally food appreciative (or lazy..) friends. Wasn’t that the entire point of the Erasmus grant though? To pump it back straight into the EU economy? (Gulp.)

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