Irish GAA teams in France

Je sais, je sais. You didn’t move to France to take up a sport you retired from at the age of twelve. You didn’t even plan to have any free time between becoming a master macaron chef and getting wooed by French romantics. Indeed, I found myself reflecting on these very thoughts as I sat in a Irish bar watching a Gaa match in the hope that I would pick up some skills for my own impending GAA match in Paris the week after.

Joining a GAA team in France- yes they do exist!- is a really great way to make friends, socialise and impress your friends at home with your glittering international career. Here are some teams. Click on them for information. Some of the larger teams have ladies teams aswell, but otherwise ladies can just play with the men. Use this to our advantage les filles. Fun fact of the day- GAA features on the French Junior Cert (le brevet). I only know this as I still have painful memories of the day fourteen year old French girls made me question if they were actually Colm Cooper in disguise.

Paris Gaels

Lugdunum GAA (Lyon)

Rennes GAA

Bordeaux GAA

Clermont GAA

Provence GAA

Lille GAA

Avignon GAA

Angers GAA

Plédran GAA

Niort GAA

Liffré GAA

Saint Lo GAA

Brittany GAA

Annecy GAA

Nancy GAA


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