Vegan and vegetarian food in Lyon

Initially, the best idea to eat vegetarian in Lyon can seem to take a dander to the market and essentially eat all of the fruit/veg in sight and hope that it’ll fill you. For those of you that don’t know, Lyon is the food capital of France and for the most part, vegetarian isn’t on the menu. However, a few years older, slimmer and a Nutribullet purchase later, I can appreciate that vegan and vegetarian food is becoming seriously more popular. Here’s where to visit in Lyon.

When I dined with some vegetarian friends a few years back, I can recall them trawling the internet for hours in the quest for a vegetarian restaurant. Indeed, the novelty of eating vegetarian was hilarious- I walked into the restaurant half expecting cute gardeners as waiters or bibles on the tables. Unfortunately for my imagination, that wasn’t the case- but we did have a fabulous meal. The restaurant is a bit out of the way in the Croix-Rousse area, but well worth a trip. I’ve since realised that the restaurant is actually vegan, so even better. Find their website here.


Another vegan option is Against the Grain. Crucially, this restaurant also offers cheesecakes and muffins which is obviously essential for the guilt free consumption of desserts…ahem. The restaurant closes at 6pm and offers gorgeous salads, soups and wraps. It’s located in the Jean Macé area.

The next option is La Mouss’tache. While it isn’t a strictly vegan restaurant, it does offer veggie burgers. Don’t expect to emerge with a PETA activist, but it’s a nice vegetarian option.

Finally, the restaurant SOLINE offers raw food in Lyon. Expect raw mains and desserts and to triple your five a day consumption. Well worth a visit.




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