Irish bar jobs in France 2017

Working in an Irish bar abroad has its perks. Not only does the spontaneous use of “sláinte” make you feel completely bilingual, but working in Irish bars can be a fun away to work abroad for the summer. And presumably get free Tayto. That said- it’s worth mentioning that I know friends who have worked in Irish bars in France with the intention of improving their French and accidentally return having spoken only English for the summer. Whoops.

I know how daunting finding a job in France can be- particularly if you’ve never visited. Here’s a selection of Irish bars in major cities to help you out. It’s worth mentioning that I have no idea if any of these are hiring, but with the influx of revellers for the Euros, now is the time to look for bar work in France. I also regularly share jobs on my Facebook!

If bar work isn’t your thing, here’s some advice for other jobs in France.


As expected, there is a plethora of Irish bars in Paris. Some with questionable Irish heritage.

My favourites are Corcorans and McBrides. Corcorans have a few bars located in central tourist areas (for example St Michel and Montmartre). I’ve noticed them advertising on the Meetup website but otherwise you can contact them through their website here.

McBrides is located in Les Halles but is owned under the Corcorans umbrella as far as I know. Contact them through their website here.

There is also the Coolin Irish bar in St Germain area- contact them through their Facebook here.

The Cork and Cavan is located in the Republique area- their Facebook is here.

Carrs Irish pub is an authentic Irish bar with actual Donegal roots. Their Facebook is here.

O Sullivans have a bar in Paris, as well as others in the South of France. The link to their job page is here.

The Galway Irish pub is located near Notre Dame- its Facebook page is here.


Johnny’s Kitchen is probably the most authentic Irish bar. It’s owned by a Dublin couple and serves potatoes. You can contact them through their website here.

Kelly’s Irish bar is located in the centre of Lyon- their website is here.

Flanigans is also located centrally.

The Shamrock, as the name suggests, has plenty of Irish staff.

Au Tooleys is also an authentically Irish choice.


Here is the link to Fitzpatricks’ staff section.

O’Carolans also have a dedicated staff section here.


O’Bradys claims to be the first Irish bar in Paris- find them here.

The Shamrock bar is located in the port of Marseille.

O’Malleys is another popular choice- find them here.

Connolly’s Corner is another option.


Ma Nolans have two bars in Nice, as well as one in Cannes. Contact them through their website here.

Paddy’s bar in Nice seem to advertise job openings through their Facebook here.

Valbonne is a town near nice and has an Irish wine bar called Roots, owned by an Irish lady. Their Facebook page is here.


See above for a link to the website of Ma Nolans bar.

Another option is Morrisons Irish bar. Stay strong and hope that some of those American a-listers with suspicious “Irish roots” will call in for a pint.


The Connemara Irish pub is one of the most popular Irish pubs in Bordeaux- their website and contact page is here.

Molly Malones can be contacted through their website here.

The Blarney Stone is another extremely popular Irish bar in Bordeaux- contact them here.

La Rochelle:

La Rochelle is a glam city by the coast in the southwest of France. It has a few Irish bars on offer.

Firstly, McNultys often shows GAA matches, which a lot of “Irish” pubs abroad suspiciously don’t do. Contact them here.

The General Humbert is an Irish bar and club. Contact them through their website here.

Corrigans is another option- contact them here.



Antibes is located between Cannes and Nice- very swanky. An option here is The Quays Irish bar- their Facebook is here.


Vias is an area in the South of France. It is a popular summer holiday location for campsite fans. Shenanigans Irish bar can be contacted through their Facebook here.


The Pale is a popular choice- their Facebook page is here.


The most authentic Irish bar here is probably De Danu. It’s located in the centre and has actual Dublin roots as it’s owned by former Irish rugby international Trevor Brennan. Their website is here.

Another option is The Killarney.

Otherwise, there’s Dubliners- contact them here.

Mulligans Irish bar recently got awarded the best Irish bar in Toulouse- contact them here.


You can fill in a form to join the Tír Na nÓg team here.

I have heard varying reports about the actual Irishness of the “Irish” pub La Madeleine, but you can contact them through their Facebook here anyway.


O’Connells is a popular Irish bar- their Facebook is here.

Yet another imaginative bar name- The Shamrock can be contacted through their Facebook here.

I’ll update this as soon as I find the time with more cities and towns. Feel free to comment with any other Irish bars that I may have forgotten!




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