Review: Hotel Le Mareuil, Paris

Last month we went to Paris. I couldn’t write this post earlier as I’m still slightly delicate about being home from a land of beautiful landmarks, worrying amounts of pastries and a million other attractions.

C’est la vie.

Anyway, I’m writing this to review our hotel- “Le Mareuil”. I’ve stayed in quite a few different hotels in Paris and this was definitely my favourite by far. It’s worth mentioning that there was certainly a strong sense of a police presence in Paris so I certainly felt very safe at all times.

Firstly, the hotel is really centrally located. Paris is a large city, and hotels can easily be located far from attractions or a few too many minutes walk from the metro station. I wanted to stay as close as financially possible to the Notre Dame/ Hotel de Ville area and this hotel nailed it. Although Notre Dame was around forty minutes walk away, the metro station was literally one minute from the hotel. The hotel was located just off the “Place De la République” which is a really interesting area in itself. It’s a square that is used for all sorts of political protests which was incredibly interesting in itself, but it’s also home to a beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives in the Paris bombings.However, one drawback was that we stayed during the “Fete Du Travail” (a workers holiday in France) and were woken up at an ungodly hour of the morning to the sound of protests and shootings. However, I really think that this was a once off. The hotel is also really close to the Jewish quarter “Le Marais” which is perfect for strolling and vintage shopping.

The rooms in the hotel were also lovely. There was free WIFI which is always appreciated. Unfortunately there was no stunning views from the room for all you Eiffel Tower enthusiasts out there! We were kindly upgraded to a superior on our arrival. I should also note that the rooms feature a “Nightcove” lamp which wakes you up every morning by beaming lights and soothing music. Makes a change from the yells of my mother.


The breakfast in the hotel was really lovely. The breakfast featured all organic products which made me feel slightly less guilty about my excessive buffet eating behaviour. The hotel also had a small gym with around two treadmills, a bike and a powerplate. It also had a hammam which I was slightly too afraid to try due to hearing wild rumours about “naked scrubbing.”

Overall, our impressions of the hotel were great. However, I must mention the staff. On the whole, the staff were extremely helpful and enthusiastic. They were so welcoming when we arrived and willing to help us with any questions that we may have had. However, we did have a particularly disappointing experience with one male staff member. I had booked a massage (the hotel offers this service) and was really looking forward to it. Long story short, I waited in our room for the massage (I had been informed by staff that the massage was in my room) and nobody came. I went down to reception twenty minutes later to enquire only to be met with a highly aggressive staff member who was insistent that I should have known to “collect” the masseuse at reception. He aggressively argued with me in front of other customers which was highly embarrassing. At the end we got a quiet “sorry” but it really disappointed me and kind of let the hotel down in my eyes.


That said, I would highly recommend the hotel- though maybe avoid the massages!

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