Working in Disneyland Paris- A Typical Day

Sadly no dancing with Mickey Mouse on the street or spontaneously bursting into song.

I’ve based this post on the assumption that I’m working an early shift. I must note that the definition of the word early has varied while I worked there. While the park itself opens at 10am, employees will obviously be there earlier to set up. You may end up having to get up extremely early, as you reach the park on the mercy of bus timetables. The buses in France are always extremely reliable however and always arrive on time. However, on Sundays or jour feriés (bank holidays) there will be considerably less buses running. The same thing may happen over Christmas when the buses are on a holiday schedule (although buses still run on Christmas day). If this happens (it happened to me) you’ll be forced to get an earlier bus. In the past, I’ve had to get buses at 7am for work that didn’t start until around 9am. Here’s the most recent bus timetable to give you an idea of the frequency of buses.

When you arrive at Disneyland for your day’s work you’ll go to the Imaginations building. This magical building has your work costume. Some days you may have to work in another area that is shortstaffed- for example you may move quite a lot between restaurants. If this happens, you’ll obviously have to wear their uniform for the day. The Imaginations building also has a heavily discounted restaurant for Cast Members. The food is quite nice and normally reasonably varied- salads, burgers, fish and a variety of desserts!

You’ll then go to work for the day and clock in. The work rosters can offer quite difficult hours- either a week of early starts or a week of annoyingly late finishes. However, managers are usually quite good about giving you a specific day off, provided you give them enough notice.  In my experience (I worked at Disneyland twice) I found the work quite punishing. However, this was probably due to the fact that I worked in a busy fast food restaurant. I have heard much better reports from those who worked in either Walt Studios park (better working hours as the park closes earlier) or the shops. I did hear that those working on Ticketing were either plagued by people arriving with fake tickets or complaining about ticket prices- not ideal!  As I worked in a fast food restaurant, my work was usually standard restaurant work- clearing tables, mopping floors and giving out food. Note- the restaurants where people had to pay at the end (unfortunately not the case in my restaurant) usually resulted in workers getting plenty of tips!

During your break, you’ll usually go to the Imaginations building to avail of the cheap food. An hour’s lunch break can be quite monotonous but unfortunately there isn’t the option to opt for a thirty minute break and leave early.  When you finish work, Disneyland is your oyster! You’ll return back to Imaginations to get changed (you’re not allowed in any restaurants/ shops/ rides in your work costumes) and you’re free to do as you please then. Assuming that this work day finished at around 5 o clock, I would usually mooch around the park or meet others for something to eat. You probably won’t go into Paris much on your work days- by the time you’ll get there it’ll be evening time and probably not worthwhile. However, you can also go back to the magical Val D’Europe shopping centre and spend your time there. It also has an outlet store (La Vallée) at the back with good designer discounts. Sometimes there will be barbeques or parties at the residences. Otherwise, Billy Bob’s bar in Disney Village is a popular choice- just make sure not to miss your bus home!

You can read what I loved about working in Disneyland here, what I didn’t like here and some advice here. You can find out how to apply here.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to contact me!


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