Student meals in Lyon, France

I’m somewhat of an expert on this topic. I treated the majority of the Erasmus year like a holiday, and on holiday, we eat out- right?

I’ve mentioned before about Lyon being considered the French gastronomic capital. Unfortunately, that reputation may be questionable in a few of these restaurants- they’re cheap meals designed to be quite tasty but certainly aren’t Paul Bocuse approved. But they are cheap, so c’est bon.


  • Restaurant Crous

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Crous is an organisation that provides cheap student accommodation in many French cities. The catch being that some of these apartments seem to compromise on the cheap cost of accommodation by stealing some of your soul, but it’s all part of the Erasmus journey. This (sometimes) magical Crous organisation also has cheap restaurants for students. They’re located in some of the apartment blocks, while others are located in Lyon universities. The food is really cheap and you definitely won’t die if you consume it-I wish the same could be said for living in the accommodation…..

  • Johnny’s Kitchen

Johnny’s Kitchen is a magical Irish bar that has managed to improve British-Irish relations by providing a jacket potato and a pint for €6 on certain nights. Allez-y and close your eyes and drift to Donegal.

3) “Formules” in boulangeries

A lot of boulangeries in Lyon have done the wise thing and decided to cater to student’s love of carbohydrates and cheap food. Many boulangeries and cafés (particularly near universities) sell a cheap menu consisting of a sandwich, drink and pastry. An example of this is with the chain “Brioche Dorée”- they sell the above menu for €5. It’s worth mentioning that fast food restaurants (such as the Quick chain/ Subway/ KFC) have similar menus on offer.


4) Pizza Pino

Pizza Pino is an Italian restaurant ideally located in Bellecour. Fun fact- it opens until around 2.30 am and you can get sit down service by fancy waiters in suits until this time. It reduces the shame of the 1.30am pizza I find. Pizza Pino offers 30% off for students from Monday to Thursday.


I will keep updating this. If you know of any, please feel free to comment underneath!


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