Finding British and Irish food in Lyon, France

I know it’s the gastronomic capital of France and stuff…but sometimes you just want a roast dinner followed by an indecent amount of Cadburys.


My first few months in Lyon were spent cooking pasta and spending ridiculous amounts of money on food out. I sometimes varied my diet with a few baguettes, or sometimes even a pizza to rake up those precious Instagram likes. That was until I discovered that some miracle workers (or, savvy businessmen) had learned to cater to those Anglophone students and expats. Nickel, n’est-ce-que?

This is a small store that sells British food favourites- Easter Eggs, Cadbury, Iron Bru and Mr Kipling. Though it would arguably cost the same to purchase a return flight and fly home to personally purchase some of the items, due to the supposed inflation, some items are reasonably priced. It’s definitely worth a trip- although it’s quite difficult to find in the Brotteaux area. It’s worth mentioning that some of the larger French supermarkets (eg Carrefour) stock some British products in the ‘foreign’ section. Otherwise, just hound your parents to send you over deliveries.


I will forever remember the glorious day when we discovered that this magical establishment offered SUNDAY LUNCH. Indeed, it was a Sunday after a particularly painful night of failed French romances and too much vin for most members of the group. French Tinder and cheap wine were beginning to get tedious. Therefore, the roast beef went down a treat. They also do fry ups and fish and chips. Check them out here.


This is just like a Scottish pub. They also show quite a lot of Irish GAA matches. The menu here is also typically British- fish and chips, meat pie and reassuringly, cheesecake with no suspicious cheese in it. Very centally located in the Vieux Lyon area and definitely worth a trip.

This is a typically Irish bar/ restaurant. It’s ran by a couple from Dublin and usually has at least one Irish staff member on duty- always particularly reassuring after a day of failing to correctly roll your rs. However, what makes this establishment particularly unique is that it offers POTATOES. I know. I’m not entirely sure how exactly this restaurant manages to find those elusive, beautiful big potatoes when most other restaurants fail to. Perhaps he has a vegetable patch out the back. I’m not complaining. As well as jacket potatoes, the establishment is known for its burger selection. Miam.


There are a few other establishments that serve food that won’t offend your patriotic tastebuds but these are just my favourites. Feel free to comment!


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