When I was an Au Pair in France…And ran away

Ever since I started studying French in my first year in school I found myself enthralled by the idea of France itself, primarily Paris. All of the beautiful images of the Champs Élysées and the Tour Eiffel in my school book made me even more determined to learn the language itself, and hopefully visit it myself some day.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until I was in college studying French that I eventually got the opportunity to go visit. Determined to improve my spoken French, I joined an au pair website and, long story short, arranged for myself to work as an au pair in a small French village for the summer. I “met” the family on Skype, and soon flew into France shortly after to begin my été as an au pair. Excellent.

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How to get a work permit for France

I recently received an email from someone interested in improving their French by finding work in France. Sounds doable, doesn’t it? Unfortunately not- the person wasn’t from the EU, thus hampering her chances of working in France.

I must admit that this is something that I had naively failed to even consider- I really did take my EU status and my capacity to legally work in France for granted. I blush when I think of my incessant complaining about the paperwork to complete when I had reached France. Unfortunately for my blog reader, working in France looks unlikely- here’s why.

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