Ways to improve French Listening Skills

Years later, the “beep” of the Junior/ Leaving cert aural exams still heightens my breathing and increases my heart rate. Not ideal… particularly when I’m the teacher. This post is designed to help French learners develop better aural skills- it’s aimed at university students as well as secondary school students.

Jokes aside, we are blessed to live in an era where communication is more possible than ever. Luckily, we no longer have to wait for the annual visit of our long lost French relations in order to learn the correct pronunciation of “je suis.” Instead, we are lucky enough to have the capacity to hear it everyday without harming people in Ryanair flights to Beauvais. Bienvenue sur l’internet.

Here are a few fun ways to improve French listening abilities:

French radio:

Radio Scoop. It’s just like Spin 1038 with a few bonjours thrown in. It’s aimed at young people so expect plenty of tubes and being disappointed with the amount of Justin Bieber being played. Listen this prior to going out and feeling guilty that you’re going out instead of studying French.

France Inter: This is more like RTE Radio. Expect debates, news with a bit of music thrown in.

French Youtubers:

Norman and Cyprien are French youtubers. They design videos that are intended to be fun- well worth watching.

Horia is a female blogger who makes videos about makeup and tutorials. Well worth a watch.

News in Slow French:

This is really helpful- particularly for beginner/ intermediate learners. Not only is the French spoken at a slow, manageable pace, but the transcript of the piece is also present. Really recommended.


These are news videos. They can be quite difficult and are probably more suitable for intermediate/ advanced learners.


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