Summer jobs in Paris 2016

As a recent graduate from studying French in university, I know the struggle of finding a job in France for summer. While you may have the best of intentions, and ideally dream of cosy evenings spent meandering under the Eiffel Tower, la verité is often more difficult. In a world where thousands of students share the same bright idea of coming to France for the summer to improve their language, it can certainly become difficult to find that ever elusive job.

I’ve some ideas for finding jobs in France here, and some volunteering ideas here.

However, if you want to go the extra (brave) mile and descend on Paris to work for the summer, here’s some ideas.

Disneyland Paris– I’ve worked here twice before. Find information on how to apply here.

Fat Tire Bike Tours: These are mostly English speaking bike tours of Paris. Apply here.

Duvine Bike tours: This is mostly the same as above but a different company. Apply here.

Shakespeare & Co: This is a world famous bookshop located right beside Notre Dame. Apply here.

Walking tours: These are tours aimed at English speaking tourists. Apply here.

Irish bars: There are plenty of Irish bars that may offer summer employment- particularly with the Euros coming up. Some bars are Corcorans (this is a chain of bars with a few centrally located throughout Paris), McBrides (located in Les Halles) or Galway Irish Pub (located near Notre Dame). It’s definitely worth contacting these and seeing if there is any possibility of employment.


I will keep updating this as much as possible. Let me know in comments if I can help in anyway or if you happen to know of any magical elusive jobs!


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