Trip Report: Lisbon

In case you haven’t already noticed… I love travelling.


I try to go away around Christmas/ New Years each year, and the 2015 New Years trip of choice was… Lisbon! I went with my better half and neither of us had visited before. We were really excited to go. Thanks to a combination of Ryanair and savvy hotel shopping, we had managed to book a pretty good, affordable deal.

Firstly, we stayed in the Jupiter Lisboa Hotel. We booked this hotel as it’s a new four star hotel and rates pretty highly on Tripadvisor. We got a really good deal on TravelRepublic for under €300 for three nights with breakfast included. However, I really don’t think we’d stay in the hotel again. We found the staff quite rude and unfortunately we did have issues communicating with them as their English was quite weak. Secondly, we placed a “do not disturb” sign on two mornings of our stay which staff blatantly ignored and proceeded to clean the room anyway. This made us feel slightly awkward and uncomfortable. While the hotel wasn’t located in the centre of the city, a metro was right outside the door. The hotel had a leisure area (and has now evolved to a spa area with treatments as far as I know) but this unfortunately cost €15 each for the pleasure of swimming in the pool/ going into the sauna. The only advantage was that because we were the only ones fool enough to pay it, we had the area all to ourselves!


The food was really enjoyable in Lisbon. It’s quite seafood orientated so I did try to make up for my Christmas sins by overdosing on salmon! I’d recommend the BellaLisa Valmor restaurant if you’re staying near it- really high quality food for a fair price. A word of warning however- restaurants may bring you “samples” of bread and other things- just be aware that you will be charged for these at the end!

We found Lisbon to be really affordable. We enjoyed the old town and meandering through the streets. The oceanarium is also highly recommended! There is the option to take the tram up the hill but, being too impatient to wait in the queue, we decided to walk up the hill and it was bearable.

Overall, we enjoyed Lisbon. I wouldn’t consider it the best city I’ve ever visited (I found other cities like Barcelona and Nice much more exciting with more things to do) but it is definitely a good option for an affordable weekend away!


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