How to fund luxury travel on a budget in France

What does a travel addict combined with a love of getting value for money achieve?

More than hostels and Ryanair flights.

How? Read on.

As much as I love travelling, I also love nice hotels. While I completely understand that hostels are an excellent option for the budget traveller- I’ve stayed in one before- a big part of the excitement of going on holidays for me personally is staying in a nice hotel. I must emphasise that “nice” hotel doesn’t necessary mean luxury- I’ve never stayed in a five star hotel, as much as I would love to! Instead, my idea of nice hotels are ones that are extremely comfortable, are well enough located and have plenty of positive reviews on Tripadvisor- a dealbreaker for me!

Of course, this can initially seem quite difficult- particularly when booking to go somewhere traditionally expensive. In this case, we’ll use the example of Paris.


Ryanair do fly to Paris from Dublin. As you may expect, these are often affordable rates. However, there is a catch- Ryanair flies to an airport outside of Paris- 55 miles outside in fact. Buses do run into the city but expect to spend around two hours travelling there. Aer Lingus fly to the airport of choice in Paris- Charles de Gaulle. This airport offers trains straight into the city which is an inexpensive option and takes around an hour. However, I would urge you to remember that Air France also fly from Dublin to Paris Charles De Gaulle. Don’t feel obliged to book (potentially expensive) return flights with Aer Lingus- use a site like SkyScanner to check if airlines such as Air France are flying on your day of choice. This can save money and can also be time efficient.

As I have already mentioned, the most budget friendly way to travel from Paris CDG airport to the city centre is by train. It costs around €11. However, it’s worth mentioning that Paris taxis have recently been forced to adopt a “flat rate” of €55 fare from the airport to the city centre- worth bearing in mind if there are a few of you travelling. Also, it’s worth remembering that transfer firms such as Hoppa often have discount codes running. At the time of writing, they have a 20% off code (EASTER20) but it;s worth searching on Twitter as the code constantly change.  As an example, an “executive transfer” for two people from Paris CDG to the Marais area using the 20% discount code will come to €41. Worth it for the treat and absence of stress derived from “talented” train singers!

Hotels, food, spas and excursions:

Ah, the Paris hotel trauma. I’ve been lucky enough to have visited Paris many times and happen to be going in a few weeks with a friend who hasn’t visited before. Needless to say, I was eager to please. Desperate to find the elusive hotel that magically had a combination of excellent reviews, an Eiffel Tower view and under €120 per night proved relatively difficult- until I discovered the lure of the “ventes privées.” Like the site “secret escapes,” French websites such as Vente-privéeGroupon, Verychic and voyage-privé have excellent “secret” offers. These offers aren’t just for hotels- they’re also for spa, restaurant and excursion deals. Well worth a look. There are a variety of locations available all over France and in other countries. The deals do change frequently, but here’s an example of what’s on offer:

The “Citadines” apartment block, located in Saint Germain, is really well located and has excellent reviews. A two person stay for three nights (without breakfast) on retails for €548.60. However, the “secret” website Verychic has the exact same nights on offer for the same apartments- but includes breakfast for €375. Definitely worth checking out!


I hope this has been helpful. Always remember to feel free to message me if I can help in any way!

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