Ways to improve French Listening Skills

Years later, the “beep” of the Junior/ Leaving cert aural exams still heightens my breathing and increases my heart rate. Not ideal… particularly when I’m the teacher. This post is designed to help French learners develop better aural skills- it’s aimed at university students as well as secondary school students.

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Things to consider before going on a Year Abroad/ Erasmus in France


The prospect of a year abroad in France can either fill you with extreme giddiness or heightened anxiety. Both perfectly acceptable. I mean, what about the potential weight gain after living in a country of crossaints for a year? And is it illegal to return home without a French other half called Pierre?

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Summer jobs in Paris 2016

As a recent graduate from studying French in university, I know the struggle of finding a job in France for summer. While you may have the best of intentions, and ideally dream of cosy evenings spent meandering under the Eiffel Tower, la verité is often more difficult. In a world where thousands of students share the same bright idea of coming to France for the summer to improve their language, it can certainly become difficult to find that ever elusive job.

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Trip Report: Lisbon

In case you haven’t already noticed… I love travelling.


I try to go away around Christmas/ New Years each year, and the 2015 New Years trip of choice was… Lisbon! I went with my better half and neither of us had visited before. We were really excited to go. Thanks to a combination of Ryanair and savvy hotel shopping, we had managed to book a pretty good, affordable deal.

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